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杨服务 (PG0199701-A) 位于槟城亚依淡新新市镇(发林)。本公司专门提供传统中医服务、瑜伽与静坐、艺术课程、现场维修洗衣机及冰箱服务。

Yong Service (PG0199701-A) located in 30C, Medan Angsana 2, Bandar Baru Air Itam, 11500 Penang.  Yong Service provides Traditional Chinese Medicine Treatment,  Yoga & Meditation, Arts and On-Site Repair and Service ( Washing Machine and Refrigerator).  

咨询时间 Consultation Hour


每天营业 Open Daily 

(9.00 am – 9.00 pm)


公共假期Public Holiday: 休息 Closed


请预约所需的服务 All services are by appointment


联络电话 Contact: +60125876851

我们的服务 Our Service

有关楊錫超 About Yong S C

杨锡超是杨企业总监。杨锡超专为大众提供传统中医服务、瑜伽与静坐、艺术课程、现场维修服务 (洗衣机及冰箱)

Yong SC is the Director of Yong Service Enterprise (PG0199701-A).  Yong SC is a specialist of Traditional Chinese Medicine Treatment, Yoga & Meditation, Arts, Repair and Service (Washing Machine and Refrigerator). 

学历资格 Academic Qualification



Master of Science University of Warwick, UK



Bachelor of TCM Xiamen University, China

杨服务企业 Yong Service Enterprise

30C Medan Angsana 2, Bandar Baru Air Itam,

11500 Penang.


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